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The guidebook across Kiev

In this section we suggest you to make virtual excursion round on ancient city.

Page 1 2 3 ::: Golden Gate, Sofievsky cathedral, the Upper city.

Golden Gate. An excellent place for the beginning acquaintances to Kiev — the Upper city (or Old Kiev) stretched on high hills. A majority of the ancient monuments situated here.

Golden Gate built in 1017-24, are located at the output from station of the underground with the same name. After you leave the underground, direct before itself you will see the back party of Golden Gate. From few escaped constructions of times of Jaroslav Mudrogo, Golden Gates — is the most remarkable. In 1983 ruins of Golden Gate, fortification constructions of 11 century, have been restored under sketches of scientists. Since then it is a museum where exhibits history of old Kiev - the weapon are submitted, domestic utensils and other subjects found during archeological excavations in area of Golden Gate. On the second floor of a museum - a viewing platform. The museum is open from May till October from 10.00 till, the day off - Tuesday. The address: street. Vladimir 40a. Ph. 224-7068.

The Sofia cathedral. From Golden Gate quite close up to the Sofia cathedral, the oldest Kiev temple. Follow the Vladimir street aside the Sofia area, and in five minutes you appear near the entrance to cathedral. Today the complex of buildings and the churches forming a cathedral of sacred Sofia, works as a museum. Among his numerous exhibits - models of cities of the Kyivska Rus` and various archeological finds. Tickets are sold in a booth to the right of an entrance to territory of a museum. An operating mode: 10.00 —17.30, on Wednesday from 10.00 up to 16.30auoiaiie Thursday. The address: street. Vladimir 24. Ph. 228-61-52

The Sofia cathedral — one of the main sights of city. The majestic 13-dome temple has been named in honour of the well-known cathedral of sacred Sofia in Constantinople ("Sofia"— "wisdom" on greece). The cathedral has been incorporated by Jaroslav Mudrym (who is burried here) in 1037 in commemoration of a victory of an old russian army above pechenegy and for glorification of christianity. This temple was not only a cult construction, but also the center of a cultural and political life of the Kyivska Rus`. Here settled down Christian school for children and the first library based by Jaroslav Mudrym in Rus` which is delivers an invaluable material for scientists since our days. The Sofia cathedral has been connected to princely chambers, in it Jaroslav and his successors frequently accepted foreign ambassadors and signed the international contracts; near to a cathedral gathered Kiev vecha . It is difficult even to imagine, what impression on simple people of that time made this majestic temple, with his magnificent utensils, high vaults both polichromatic mosaics and frescos, the majority from which were kept up to now. The Sofia cathedral is national property of Ukraine. Near to a cathedral the stone belltower (height 76 i), built in 1699-1706 towers painted in blue and white colors. Originally the belltower was three-tier, the fourth floor with the gilt dome is completed in 1852. A belltower — a wonderful sample of the Ukrainian baroque. Going to an output, at the left you will see Tavern (18 century) where archeologic and architectural expositions are now located. The panoramic model of Kiev of 10 century will give representation about what was city before his destruction by mongolo-tatarsky conquerors.


Upper city. Having left the Sofia cathedral, turn to the left, and you come to be on the Sofia square. In its center there is a horse monument to hetman Bogdan Khmelnitskiy (1595-1707), to the oustanding Ukrainian politician and the commander. The sculptor - M.O.Mikeshin; the monument was will erect in 1888 on means from national donations.

Go along the street, framing the area on the right so that the monument was to the left of you, square - on the right. At the end of this street (in 3 quarters) is Mihajlovskaja square named so because once here were Mihajlovsky Zlatoverhy monastery and a cathedral with the same name. Archangel Michael was considered as the patron of Kiev and has been represented on the Kiev arms. Mihajlovsky Zlatoverhy cathedral, as well as a monastery, was based by the Kiev prince Svjatopolk Izjaslavich in 1108. This monument of the architecture which have survived barbarous invasions mongolo-tatar and long years of the Polish and Lithuanian sovereignty, has been destroyed in 1934-35. Nearby to a place where it was, authorities in 1939 have constructed a building of the Central committee of Communist party of Ukraine, a massive grey construction in style of Stalin classicism. Now in this building there are various official bodies. To the right of former Central committee there is a top input to a cable car (funikulur). This type of transport has been entered into operation in Kiev per 1905. Short in time(all about two minutes), inexpensive (a payment for travel the same, that in a tram and the bus; on Sunday free-of-charge) travel on a cable car will deliver you from the Upper city in Bottom, to the Hem, old trading-craft area of Kiev. Leaving from a cable car, you come to be on Pochtova square, at station of the underground with the same name. Through road you see the Kiev river station. Navigation on Dnepr proceeds since early spring till late autumn.

However we shall continue our excursion on the Upper city. On Mihajlovskaja square in 1993 have been established a monument in memory of 50-th anniversary terrible artificial massive hunger 1932-33. Then a Stalin mode killed from 7 up to 12 million Ukrainian peasants.

Having turned to the right of Mihajlovskaja square, you will come to Tryohsvjatitelskaja street. Here is Tavern (1713), belokamennaja church with one wooden dome are situated. Once she entered into ensemble Mihajlovskogo Zlatoverhogo monastery. Services correct here at 7.00 and 17.00.

Going downwards along the Tryohsvjatitelskaja street, you will come to sacred Alexander's church. The church named in honour of Alexander I, has been constructed in 1817-42 in commemoration of a victory over Napoleon. Style copies sacred Peter's to basil in Rome. During the Soviet epoch thoroughly reconstructed building of a church was used as a planetarium. Recently reconstruction was finished. Services correct: Saturday 16.30 - in Slovene language, 17.30 - in German, at 19.00 - in Ukrainian. On Sundays: at 7.30 on Polish; 9.00 - in French, at 10.00 - in Ukrainian, 12.00 - on Polish, 15.00 - on Czech; Once a month: at 17.00 - in Russian; at 18.00 - in English, 19.00 - in Ukrainian. The address: Kostyolnaja str 17. Ph. 229-73-09.

The Tryohsvjatitelskaja street ends on the European square. Kreschatik, the central street of Kiev, the Vladimir descent conducting downwards, to the Hem, and Grushevsky's street, the leader upwards, on Pechersk converge here. There are stops of a trolley bus №20 and the bus № 62 and 71 on the square.

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